When Has Your Pet Outsmarted You?

For some reason, a lot of people think that when it comes to cleverness, humans have the market cornered.  As pet owners know, nothing could be further from the truth.  I can’t even begin to count the number of times Eko has completely outwitted me.  For example, Eko kept trying to steal his treats off the counter, so I put them on top of the fridge where I “knew” he couldn’t get them.  Boy, I sure showed him…


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Once again, I was outwitted by the Windy City Bandit

Like most dogs, Eko loves ripping up cardboard.  I almost always let him have the smaller boxes, but I usually toss out the larger ones because they make a larger mess.  Of course, Eko likes the larger boxes best (more mess = more fun) so he recently devised a strategy to prevent me from throwing out those boxes.

pet friendly blog, rhodesian ridgeback

You can’t throw away what you can’t pick up.  Eko’s new strategy is to tear up the box from the inside out so that I can’t steal it from him

And of course, Eko is not above straight up deceit.  If I’m gone for half the day, I will ask a friend to stop by and feed Eko.  Without fail, every time I come home Eko pretends like he hasn’t been fed in weeks.  He will even go as far as to paw at his dog food container and mope around his food bowl.  It’s tough to deny those puppy dog eyes (even when they’re lying!) so I will admit that Eko has gotten me to feed him a second dinner on more than one occasion.

pet friendly blog, rhodesian ridgeback“Me? Lie? Never…”

Now, I know I’m not exactly the smartest guy, but I also know that I’m not the only one whose pet has gotten the better of them!  Fess up, how has your pet tricked you?  I have a feeling that you guys have some pretty great stories to share.


Where there’s a will there’s a way….love the fridge bandit…bwaaha. I had a dog named Jasper who was very mild mannered and casual. Never a moment of worry. Once I asked a guy over for a bbq, but didn’t have a bbq persay. So HE put together a little Habachi we bought at Safeway, and started the birquettes and put the chicken on. Well, sneaky mild manner Jasper climbed right up on the picnic table and gobbled up our supper right off a hot grill. He was 1/2 way through the 2nd piece when we caught him red handed (so to speak). Here I’d been telling the guy what a good boy Jasper was…ya right…..what a sneak.

Haha that’s the other part I forgot to mention – dogs always seem to misbehave at the exact WORST moment. Oh well, good thing they’re cute.

My cat has done the “no one has fed me routine” before and I fall for it EVERY TIME! Dakota outsmarts me so many times a day that I can’t even begin to list them all here!

I have a feeling there are a lot of pets out there chuckling to themselves because they have pulled that same exact double-dinner move. Our pets definitely keep us humble!

Ohhh Will, Doggy fools me on the daily basis. He loves plastic, there’s nothing he loves more than plastic (destroy that is) he learned to open the drawer where I keep the plastic bags, then I changed them, I put then on a cabinet, harder to open if you have no thumbs, right? Well, no, he learned how to opened, he would then bring the bad under the bed and destroyed there, I didn’t know he was doing it until lord knows how many days later when he came from under the bed with pieces of plastic on his fur, I looked down and there were a couple of destroyed bags.
If I wanted to train him to open doors I would never get him to do it, of that I’m sure.

Haha of course, if you wanted Doggy to do it, it would never happen in a million years. But if you don’t want Doggy to do it, he’ll have it learned within five minutes. Sometimes our pups are too clever for their own good!!

Yup, nothing as humbling as being outsmarted by your dog. There’s nowhere for treats to hide when Eko’s on a mission.

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