Raining Cats And Dogs? Why Not Add One More Dog? – (Play In The Rain – Bucket List #22)

Unfortunately, our pets sometime have to play second fiddle to more pressing concerns.  Last night I planned to take Eko to dog park, but I realized that it would be impossible to go if the IRS issued a warrant for my arrest.  In the interest of not going to jail for tax evasion, and with the extension deadline looming, I finally sat down to figure it all out.  I’m absolutely terrible with any math that involves counting above the number of fingers I have, so I got a professional to help me out.  We worked late into the night, and thanks to his expertise I was able to get my tax return filed.


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Mr. Eko, CPA (Certified Puppy Accountant) – The best in the business!

I promised Eko that I would take him to the dog park today, but we woke up to a gray and rainy morning. Usually, rain means a listless day of Eko flopping around the apartment, but a promise is a promise.  Eko wanted to play and I decided that a little rain wasn’t going to stop us.

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Eko knows how to play in the rain with style

Eko ditched the boots and I left my camera and phone at home.  We took off down the alley and made sure to hit every puddle along the way.  Not surprisingly, we were the only ones in the dog park, but that didn’t stop us from having a blast.  I’m sure I looked like a lunatic chasing my dog around in the middle of a storm, but that’s ok, because I am a lunatic.  Eko and I both needed a serious shower when we got back, but the fun we had romping in the rain was well worth it.

Next time it rains, let out your inner kid (and inner puppy) and enjoy the weather.  I promise you’ll have a blast.  Well, I think you will, but I KNOW your dog will!

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