Urban Pumpkin Patch Adventure

This fall I had high hopes that Eko and I would be able to visit a farm, hand/paw pick a few pumpkins and enjoy ourselves a hay ride.  Unfortunately all the farms I called did not want a ninety-five pound dog that likes to chase things near their animals.  I can’t imagine why…

My dismay was short lived because I found a farm-animal-free urban pumpkin patch where Eko was welcome to help sniff out the best pumpkins.  The Main Event, located on the North Side of Chicago, sells Chicago sports memorabilia, event tickets and…pumpkins.  I’m not sure who came up with that business model, but I like it!  Finding the perfect pumpkin is an art, so Eko and I took our time to carefully select our future jack-o-lanterns.


rhodesian ridgeback, pet blog

“Will, I can’t believe you are making me take this photo”

rhodesian ridgeback, dog blog

Eko was not happy to learn that the first rule of pumpkin picking is “No eating the merchandise”

rhodesian ridgeback, dog blog

Eko was also dismayed to learn that these were not dog bones

rhodesian ridgeback, things to do with your dog

Eko had an ambitious sized choice for the pumpkin he wanted to take home…

rhodesian ridgeback, pet blog

But we ended up settling on something a bit more his size

We missed out on the farm, but we had a great time pumpkin picking  city style.  Next up?  Carving our jack-o-lanterns!  Anyone carved/seen any good pet-themed ones before?


14 thoughts on “Urban Pumpkin Patch Adventure”

  1. Being new to the RV lifestyle, we are surprised by all the RV folks, where we are, who have decorated for Halloween. Since space is limited, I just didn’t think people would travel with holiday decorations. It’s fun to see though. Enjoyed reading, as always!!

  2. Eso is a doll… Love your stories! I have a 15 mo old Bassett hound (Bentley) he is a ton of fun!! I wish we had something like that here in the bay area.

    • Thanks! I have to imagine that there is some sort of pumpkin patch in the area – at the very least on weekends, so I hope you find one. I’m sure Bentley would love to tag along – and based on our experience, he would be a big hit!

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