Vote For A Dog!

Despite the title of this post, you will find nothing about human politics in this post.  There is a much more important election at hand – Cats vs Dogs in America’s Pet Debate.  In two earlier videos I gave the candidates a chance to speak for themselves and I hit the streets of Chicago to hear Windy City residents discuss which four legged buddy deserves to win.

Up until now, I would like to think that I have fulfilled my role as an objective journalist.  My plan was to remain impartial until the election results were final, but I just checked the map today and cats are leading the vote in forty-eight states!  It’s not even close!  I can’t in good conscience sit back and watch man’s best friend get blown out of the water.  If I don’t do something, I won’t be able to look at Eko without feeling guilty for sitting this one out.

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No time to waste, cast your vote for team dog!

If you’re not convinced to vote for dogs, than please allow the Most Incredible Dog in the World™ to make the case for his species:

And if that performance failed to convince you that dogs are up for any challenge, then I guess nothing will.  Either way, there’s not much time left, so don’t forget to cast your vote!

15 thoughts on “Vote For A Dog!”

  1. Great “shell game” video – that is one smart, adorable dog!

    I voted and shared with my FB friends – most of them dog lovers. Will vote again today!

    Congrats on the Notre Dame win, by the way.


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