Eko’s New Favorite Season

Summer did not end gracefully in Chicago.  It did not linger.  It died!  About two weeks ago, and with little warning, fall gave summer the boot.  Blue skies were replaced with gray ones, and those gray skies dumped plenty of rain on the city over the weekend.  We love the rain, but it got so dreary that even Eko would grumble when it was time for a walk.  Luckily, my apartment is equipped with the perfect cure for cold and rainy days – a fireplace!

After our walk yesterday afternoon, Eko and I were both cold and soaking wet.  I quickly built our inaugural fire and Eko was thrilled to say the least.

rhodesian ridgeback, dog blog

“Will, I always knew if I kept you around long enough you would do something worthwhile – this fire is awesome!”

rhodesidan ridgeback, dog blog

For a good fifteen minutes, Eko basked in front of the fire and dried off

Rhodesian ridgeback, pet adventure

He then moved back to the couch where we enjoyed an afternoon of doing nothing at all

rhodesian ridgeback, pet blog

Life is good

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are built for warmer weather, but I have a feeling that Eko is going to make it through the fall and winter just fine…as long as I have enough firewood!

26 thoughts on “Eko’s New Favorite Season”

  1. From what I’ve seen here and there, you have an AMAZING apartment — you and Eko are lucky! We have the requisite gas fireplace that most newer construction has, and I so wish it was a wood-burning one. Bailey is in the process of shedding (again….it actually never stops) his double-coat, but he should be packing on his winter one soon — being half-husky makes this the beginning of his favorite season. Stay warm, Eko!

    • I definitely got so lucky finding this place – it’s in a smaller and older complex so it came with that great little fireplace. Definitely a huge perk. I love seeing winter dogs finally come into their element – after panting all summer they finally get their day when the cold weather comes. I’ve met quite a few huskies that I thought we’re mild mannered, but as soon as I saw them in snow it was like seeing a completely different animal. Very fun to watch. Eko enjoys the snow for a short while, but he’s quite content to let the winter dogs have their day while he relaxes by the fire!

  2. Having spent four years at Notre Dame in South Bend, you should be intimately familiar with the atmospheric condition, prevalent in the mid-west known as Perma-cloud. It goes away in the spring.

  3. Eko & Will, if you’re considering buying boots for Eko, let me know, I lost my beloved lab in August this year, but he had 3 pairs of boots, 2 pairs were still quite new, they are all of excellent quality and of the special top design. If the snow boots fit Eko, I would love to give them to you. Please let me know:

    • Thanks for your kindness and generosity, I appreciate the offer. Unfortunately, Eko has rejected boots in the past and I wouldn’t want your extra boots to go to waste. However, depending on how bad this Chicago winter gets we may have to try the boot experiment one more time. I’ll definitely drop you a line – thanks again!

  4. dont forget **** need his jacket too!! (I think I remember you getting him a nice and proper one up in Canada right??) Might want to invest in some boots for his feet also (yes this sounds ridiculous but im actually serious ) Enjoy your cozy fire with Eko! Dont think Ill ever get Wyatt to curl up in front of one … hed be too busy building snow forts on the deck!

    • Oh yeah, Eko is all hooked up with gear for the season. We’ve tried boots a few times but to no avail, though that may change with a serious Chicago winter. Wyatt is a jacket/blanket/tent unto himself, so I’m sure he has a blast


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