My (Nearly) Fearless Dog

Eko has just about seen and done it all in the past year, so there’s not much that fazes him.  However, there is one giant exception – ear wash.  Eko HATES it.  Just the sight of the bottle sets him off.  I have tried the same positive reinforcement techniques that helped Eko get over his dislike of baths and nail grinders, but to no avail.  See for yourself.



As it stands, 75% of the ear wash usually gets on my pants.  Eko has a minor ear infection, so it looks like I am in for a looong weekend.  It’s back to square one as I will attempt to bribe Eko into accepting that it’s best to just get it over with quickly.  I’m open to suggestions.  Anyone else have the same problem or any training tips? Eko and I would be eternally grateful!


26 thoughts on “My (Nearly) Fearless Dog”

  1. I would suggest warming the drops slightly using hot water in a bowl, like you would a childs drops. I tend to give my girls lots of snuggles and love during the medication process, as their not fond of it either. Try and get him to lay down and relax before hand. Dont show him the bottle, as that is traumatic. Just heat, love and gently apply. Then.. always give a treat for enduring the medication.

    • You sound like an expert – that is great advice. I agree, I think it’s the anticipation that’s killer – so I’m working on keeping the bottle out of sight. Thanks for your help!

  2. try grabbing him when he is sleeping ……… it starts with you having the upper hand oh and close the doors to the room he in …… I do it to my dog she hates her ears done and no suggestions to curing this fear sorry.

    • A lot of the helpful advice I’ve gotten suggests the same – the biggest issue is Eko’s anxiety, so a sneak attack is better for the both of us. Much less painless. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Catch him laying down for easy access. Dont let him see the bottle. Sqeeze the bottle gently and give him a nice ear massage and a treat. It probably hurts a little because of the infection. Poor eko.

    • April, you’re the second person to recommend the laying down technique, and I think you guys are definitely on to something. It’s the anticipation that kills Eko, so when I can catch him unaware it makes life easier for the both of us. Thanks for the tip!

    • That’s too funny – It would be great for Eko to get like that, but I’ll just settle for him not running away.

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