Shh, Don’t Tell Fall, But Summer Is Back!

Fall gave summer a swift kick out the door here in Chicago, but for the past couple of days summer has snuck back for a visit.  These glimpses of summer are always brief, so the city comes alive with people and pets eager for one last taste of  summer fun.  Eko and I joined the fray and relived some of our favorite summer activities.

rhodesian ridgeback, dog blog

For Eko and the Yellow Lab, it was love at first sniff.  This doofy puppy broke up the summer love affair, but Eko will always cherish that moment

rhodesian ridgeback, pet adventure

It was the first day in a long time that it was actually warm enough for Eko to want some water at the park

rhodesian ridgeback, dog blog

As usual, Eko decided to drink water in the hardest way possible

rhodesian ridgeback, dog adventure

After getting riled up by a feisty little guy, Eko still had plenty of energy.  I knew our time was short so we headed over to the beach for the true summer experience

rhodesian ridgeback, dog blog

Eko bounded through the sand and dove into the water, ready to chase after that duck.  He was slightly disappointed that the “duck” was actually a terrier, but he was still happy to chase the little guy around the beach

rhodesian ridgeback, pet adventure, dog blog

And regardless of the season, Eko is always willing to steal a bone or two in order to get other dogs to chase him

rhodesian ridgeback, dog blog, pet blog

Soaking up the last of the summer sun

Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet blog

 Eventually we had to leave, but Eko did his best to take as much of the beach with us as possible

Even as I type this, storm clouds are rolling in and the temperature is dropping.  I knew it couldn’t last forever, but we definitely made the most of our time.  Thanks for stopping by one last time Summer, see you next year!


19 thoughts on “Shh, Don’t Tell Fall, But Summer Is Back!”

  1. What a beautiful Ridgeback! Reading this brought tears to my eyes. I lost my Halley last year on November 5th. It was one of the worst days of my life. She brought me joy and unconditional love for almost 10 years until cancer took her. She also was a gorgeous Rhodesian Ridgeback. Cherish every moment with Eko. <3

    • Thanks so much – our time with our pets is so short, but they give us their all so it’s up to us to do the same. It sounds like Halley was well loved and lived a full life – what more could you want? Glad Eko could bring back fond memories of a great friend – now excuse me while I go give him a big hug for the both of us!


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