The VERY Windy City

Thankfully, the very worst of Hurricane Sandy is over.  I’ve checked in with family and friends from NYC to DC, and while it’s going to be a tough week or so, they are all OK.

As the storm moves inland, it continues to weaken, which makes it all the more impressive that we are feeling its effects as far west as Chicago.  I heard that there would be strong winds, especially along the lake, so Eko and I – also known as Chicago’s Not-So-Finest Weather Team – went out to take a look for ourselves.


rhodesian ridgeback, dog adventure

“Mr. Eko, you are clear for takeoff.” – Even before we made it to the lake we were blown back by the wind.

rhodesian ridgeback, pet blog

The geese didn’t mind the wind and they stubbornly refused to move for people trying to walk to the lake.  For some reason, when Eko started to prowl towards them they had a change of heart and gave us a wide berth

Rhodesian Ridgeback, dogs, dog blog

Large swells crashed over the retaining wall and made it as high up as the grass on the right side of the photo

rhodesian ridgeback, pet adventure

We moved up the park so I could try to take a photo of Eko in front of a crashing wave

rhodesian ridgeback, dog adventure

But all I got was this photo of Eko’s right ear waving to the camera.  As you can see, Eko was much more interested in something over my shoulder

rhodesian ridgeback, pet adventure

A puppy!  Eko and the brave little adventurer hit it off from the start and the two had a great time running in the wind, getting soaked by the gusting spray

rhodesian ridgeback, dog adventure

“Don’t be afraid of the waves, little puppy, I will hug you and keep you safe”

It was fun to run around for a little while, but it wasn’t long before Eko and I were ready to make a mad dash back to the apartment to warm up.  Hopefully everyone else out east is also warm, safe and sound!

21 thoughts on “The VERY Windy City”

  1. I had heard about the waves in Chicago and I heard that Cleveland’s Lake Erie had 25 ft waves! I am formerly from Cleveland and have never witnessed that.
    In Michigan we had high wind warnings (50mph) for the past 2 days and lots of rain and cold. Amazing how large that storm was! Glad your family along the coast is doing well!

  2. When i saw that Chicago had a high wind warning i was blown away (pardon the pun) – here in the hills of WV we had high wind warnings, squalls ect starting Sunday morning- we didn’t get anything until monday afternoon but by monday evening we had trees falling and flying branches and debris – no injuries to my son or pets!!! so all is well. I thought they were full of beans with the forecast -now i won’t doubt them so much anymore.

    • I’m with you – last year’s Irene was a bust, but Sandy was not to be trifled with. I’m all ears next time I hear about a storm.

    • Evelyne, I would said that is just about the best summary I have ever read! Could have saved myself all that typing if I just spoke with you first.


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