The Treat Fairy Waves Goodbye

For the past month Eko has lived the doubly good life thanks to our temporary roommate, my sister Helen.  Helen, or the Treat Fairy, as Eko likes to call her, has spent the past month spoiling Eko at every moment possible.


rhodesian ridgeback, dog blog

“Hey, quick! While Will isn’t looking, sneak me some treats!”

But like all good things, Eko’s extra charmed month had to come to an end.  He realized the jig was up this morning when he discovered the tell tale signs of a trip in the making.

rhodesian ridgeback, pet adventure

“And just when exactly were you planning on telling me about this?”

Like most pups, Eko knows that suitcases mean someone is about to hit the road.  He proceeded to pout all morning and he stood vigil by the door to make sure no one could leave without him.  We brought Eko along for the ride to the airport, but he remained inconsolable.

rhodesian ridgeback, pet adventure

“Now who am I supposed to hustle for free treats when Will isn’t looking?”

rhodesian ridgeback, dog blog

“You had me at ‘hello,’ Treat Fairy”

And so the Treat Fairy spread her wings (or got on a plane with some) and took off for New York City.  Eko will miss her, but he’s consoled by the fact that he’ll see her at Christmas.  With plenty of treats at the ready I’m sure!

26 thoughts on “The Treat Fairy Waves Goodbye”

    • There’s no putting one by a dog. They are just way too perceptive. Eko is recovering nicely from the loss of his guardian treat angel.

    • Don’t worry about the little guy – he’s doing just fine. I gave him some extra treats and we have a few more visitors before Christmas who will be happy to dote on him. Life is tough!


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