My Wounded Warrior – UPDATE

Eko took a pretty nasty spill at the park yesterday and came up limping.  Eko was intent on staying to play, but we kind of have a rule around here that if you can’t move one of your appendages you should seek medical attention.


Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet blog

Three out of four is usually a good average, but no so much when it comes to legs

Now, normally we find adventure, but sometimes adventure just seems to find us.  There is never a dull moment, not even in the waiting room at the vet.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, dog blog

“Hello, Clarice” – Eko and the office bird were both very interested in each other.  Eko was wagging his tail and wanted to say hi, but there was a sign that let me know the bird might have less than amicable intentions

Rhodesian Ridgeback, dog blog

Literally, there was a sign.

Eko and I sat on the other side of the room to avoid any further injuries.  As expected, Eko’s spill earned him an x-ray.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet adventure

The little guy fractured his toe, but luckily it’s not serious enough to require surgery

Aside from normal walks, Eko is now on a strict regimen of R&R for at least three to four weeks.  Unfortunately that is going to cut into some of our planned hiking excursions and other active adventures, but I’m sure we will find plenty of ways to have fun and cause trouble!  It’s sort of our specialty.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, dog adventure

Eko is happy to report that his appetite for treats and his appetite for adventure are both uninjured!

Thanks to everyone for your well wishes!  At this time I would also like to announce that we are formally accepting funny three-legged-themed nickname submissions for Eko now that we know he’s going to be okay.  Here’s my list so far, feel free to add:


2. The Hop Along Kid

3. Hop scotch

4. Foot soldier

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  Eko will get some anti-inflammatory meds, some pain meds and a nice spot in front of the fire.  Life could be worse.

44 thoughts on “My Wounded Warrior – UPDATE”

  1. That whole R and R thing is hard. But the way to take advantage of it is to wear him out mentally. Practice those tricks that require a lot of thinking. Lots of puzzles. And treats in boxes that are in boxes that are in packages that are in boxes – so he has something to work on. You can also give him lots of stimulation by going out for car rides. Glad it was a small thing – and hope he heals quickly.

    • All great ideas, Linda. Eko is already starting to go a bit stir crazy, so I’ve kept him busy with hidden treats and car board boxes. A nice car ride will definitely be in order this week

  2. Lol. You always post the most funny entries in any blog I’ve seen. But, now let’s get serious; I am sorry Eko got hurt and I hope he recuperates soon so you and Eko can go out for your interesting and many, many, times funny outings:) I vote for Tripod:)

  3. On the bright side, that’s great news. R&R is always a welcome treat when someone’s there to look after you so well. That’s a cool xray too. I saw someone take negatives and ModgePodge them onto a Glass container…then you put a candle inside. Bam, you have an awsome lamp! So while Eko’s relaxing, you can be crafting…hehe “your welcome”. 😉


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