[VIDEO] Our Science Experiment

Eko and I may not be scientists, but we can play ones on the internet.  A couple weeks ago we watched a great documentary about dogs that discussed how dogs outperform even chimps when it comes to tests of social cognition.  Thankfully they also said that in regular words, so I learned that it means dogs watch human behavior for clues as to how they should behave.  This skill was demonstrated in the documentary with a demonstration of dogs watching a person point to one cup or the other before deciding which cup to check for a treat.  We recreated the experiment in the apartment with some pretty cool results – check it out!



If you try this experiment with your pup, let us know how it goes.  Happy weekend to all!

9 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Our Science Experiment”

  1. Aww haha Ekos so smart!! Just dont let him swallow any of those solo cup pieces or youll be in for quite the hefty vet bill!! Hope his fracture is healing quickly! (Hope u dont mind I borrowed his x-ray to show to some fellow vet students 🙂


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