The National Dog Show: My Favorite Thanksgiving Tradition

Thanksgiving is hands/paws down my favorite holiday of the year.  There are no expectations for presents and your only responsibility is to make good food and be merry.  Every family has it’s own holiday traditions, but I love that twenty million families all share the same Thanksgiving tradition, watching the National Dog Show.

Last year, Eko and I had the amazing opportunity to go see the show live.


national dog show, dog blog

Eko had a very difficult time understanding that just because they were called the “Toy Group” didn’t mean that he could play with them

national dog show, pet blog

Backstage, Eko and I thought we were about to see three banditos hang from the gallows.  Luckily, it turns out they were just getting brushed 

Rhodesian Ridgeback, national dog show

Eko spent a solid ten minutes trying to figure out how these carpets learned how to bark

Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet friendly blog

A Ridgeback has never won the NDS, but hey, a guy can dream!

I have found that football fans don’t like watching the parade, parade fans don’t like watching football, but EVERYONE can agree that they love watching the pups strut their stuff on the blue carpet.  We couldn’t make it out for the NDS this year, so at 12 pm tomorrow Eko and I will be tuned into NBC to see some four legged friends take center stage.

national dog show

Be sure to check it out!  If you need a cheat sheet, here is a quick brush up guide

Happy Thanksgiving Eve.  Tomorrow, Thanksgiving goes to the dogs!

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