Why Pets Love Black Friday Too

Like many people, I am still slowly recovering from yesterday’s food coma.  Every year I say I won’t go back for that fifth plate of stuffing, but I can’t help myself!  Stuffing is one of the best foods on the planet, but we only get to eat it once a year. Why is that?  But I digress…

Shopping isn’t really my thing, but I was in desperate need of a new desk chair, so I braved the Black Friday crowds to pick one up.  Not only did I get a great deal on the chair, but I also got the store to throw in an afternoon of entertainment for Eko at no extra charge!


Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet friendly blog

While assembling the chair, I noticed a distinct lack of a wet nose sniffing around the new purchase.  This is where I found Eko curled up

Rhodesian Ridgeback, dog blog

Eko keeping watch over Chicago from his fortified position

Rhodesian Ridgeback, dog blog

For those wondering about Eko’s recovery – he is feeling great!

I have a new chair and Eko has a new fortress – not too shabby.  While Eko goes about demolishing his cardboard empire, I will sift through our video from last weekend’s tailgate.  Hope everyone had a great holiday and enjoys the weekend.  And if you do any Black Friday shopping, remember to save the cardboard for your pet!


10 thoughts on “Why Pets Love Black Friday Too”

  1. Looks like Eko has some cat in him 😉 This is what my cat will do as soon as he sees any type of box. Lol, incredibly cute!


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