How Has Your Pet Left A Mark On Your Life?

If you are reading this post, chances are that you own a sandal or shoe that looks like this:

Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet adventure

You don’t exactly need CSI to solve this case

And it is likely that the legs of some of your furniture have a familiar “custom” design:

Rhodesian Ridgeback, dog blog

Yes, Eko knows he isn’t supposed to eat this and yes, he is trying to eat it while I am holding it and looking right at him

I also suspect that many of you have received free “upgrades” for the interior of your car:

Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet blog

“Will, can you believe this car came installed with chew toys!?  Wait…what do you mean they aren’t chew toys…”

Put simply; pets eat money.  Both metaphorically, and in Eko’s case, literally:

Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet adventure

I was upset that Eko ate five dollars, but he insisted I should be half as mad as I was because he really only ate $2.50

But as anyone with a pet will tell you, the marks our pets leave on our wallets pale in comparison to the marks they leave on our hearts!  I have also found that a good way to offset the misfortune and frustration of one of Eko’s indiscretions is to share the photographic results with friends and family for a good laugh.  If you have a funny story or photo of your pet using a non-sanctioned chew toy, be sure to share it in the comments – it’s therapeutic!

38 thoughts on “How Has Your Pet Left A Mark On Your Life?”

  1. Our new pup Bess chewed up a handheld fan from Malaysia that was a gift from my late dad. It was over 50 years old. I was gutted but I couldn’t be mad at her really, it was my own fault for leaving it lying around. Dogs will be dogs, I wouldn’t change her for the world!

  2. I will spare you any photos of endless underwear destroyed. My first ridgeback would swallow them whole, and vomit them back up. Awkward with company. The second ridgie just ate the crotches, and that passed through. Nala – my current ridgeback – just fills them with holes. Nala discovered gardening towards the end of the season this year. Left to her own devices she now will harvest asparagus, apples, mulberries, tomatoes, kale, broccoli, beans, corn, and peppers. She has not yet noticed the root vegetables, but since she loves raw potatoes I know that will be next. She does eat Jerusalem artichokes that I dig out. Amazing gas afterwards…
    When let off leash or even just passing by, she now raises for the garden to see what she can find.
    In other people’s homes she finds hidden chocolates, bottles of oil or hand cream, anything edible even if it is on high shelves. She is a menace – but mostly just with food.

    • A food crazed Ridgeback…now imagine that! It sounds like Nala is a regular old farmer. You must have some serious patience!

  3. Mom and dad tell me they are especially proud of me for never chewing things that are not mine. But I do have a habit of grabbing a shoe when I get to the bottom of the stairs. Not to chew, just to run around with. And I have been known to search the litter box for those yummy treats the kitties leave behind…

    • The world could use more pups with your good manners! I lost a few good shoes before Eko learned that they are off limits. Now if the cats leave treats behind, who are you to blame for cleaning up after them…

  4. My Champ wanted to get a head start on Black Friday shopping one night. He grabbed my wallet from the coffee table, chewed the corner of it. Then proceeded to enjoy the taste of my credit card and left lots of teeth marks.

    The next day he tried to do the same thing. I guess he really wants to visit Santa Paws to let him know what he would like for Christmas or just wanted to get in of the shopping fun!

    • Maybe he was just trying to save you some money? My guess is that the leather was just too tempting. Now every time you use your “custom” wallet you will think of him.


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