How Has Your Pet Left A Mark On Your Life?

If you are reading this post, chances are that you own a sandal or shoe that looks like this:

Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet adventure

You don’t exactly need CSI to solve this case

And it is likely that the legs of some of your furniture have a familiar “custom” design:

Rhodesian Ridgeback, dog blog

Yes, Eko knows he isn’t supposed to eat this and yes, he is trying to eat it while I am holding it and looking right at him

I also suspect that many of you have received free “upgrades” for the interior of your car:

Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet blog

“Will, can you believe this car came installed with chew toys!?  Wait…what do you mean they aren’t chew toys…”

Put simply; pets eat money.  Both metaphorically, and in Eko’s case, literally:

Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet adventure

I was upset that Eko ate five dollars, but he insisted I should be half as mad as I was because he really only ate $2.50

But as anyone with a pet will tell you, the marks our pets leave on our wallets pale in comparison to the marks they leave on our hearts!  I have also found that a good way to offset the misfortune and frustration of one of Eko’s indiscretions is to share the photographic results with friends and family for a good laugh.  If you have a funny story or photo of your pet using a non-sanctioned chew toy, be sure to share it in the comments – it’s therapeutic!

38 thoughts on “How Has Your Pet Left A Mark On Your Life?”

  1. Great post. With 7 animals currently at the dogdaz zoo, the damage adds up. But the love is worth it. And I agree with Animalcouriers, it is mostly our 5 cats that do the damage inside — the dogs…. well lets not get started on those holes in the yard.

  2. Lets see 5 pairs of slippers, 6 area rugs (potty training two puppies simultaneously), 1 love seat that just broke in half when my newf jumped on it, 4 holes in the wall (where they found my patch jobs and removed them twice), no baseboard corners left in the living room, 1 bedroom door frame nicely nibbled, 1 new cocktail table that became a newfy bed (marvelous cool marble), 2 robes, several sweatshirt sleeves. lots of mail and kleenexes (Rig’s loves those) ….and i think my little pups are well trained! Would do it all over again to have them. They have eaten a lot but never eaten any cash – it could be because i never have any! ha ha

    • Not like you’re keeping count or anything! I hear you, no matter how diligent we are at training our pets, all they need is one second to go to town on your favorite shoes or piece of furniture. And like you said, I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything!

  3. LOL, Will you crack me upppppp. Pic 2 and caption..way way funny.
    I don’t have any pictures because I was too spitting mad. But at our old house, I bought a retractable screen door for the side entry to our attached garage. I thought it be a nice way to get more fresh air into the house. After getting it half installed my husband said a part was missing in the box…so off to Home Depot to get part…back home, finish installing…perfection, yes lovely lovely breez………….BUDDY! Stopppppp Nooooooo. The Big Goof ran straight thru it, DAY 1 when he saw someone coming in the yard….He had screen and aluminum dragged all the way up our driveway. Let me just say, Mr B has a potty mouth.

    • That must have been quite a scene! I too have also found that Eko has a way of, shall we say, expanding my four letter vocabulary.


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