[VIDEO] Eko’s 80,000 New Friends

OK, that title is slightly misleading.  I didn’t have room to fit all the new friends Eko made during our trip to Notre Dame in one video.  But I did manage to squeeze in a lot!  Check out this quick, minute-long video of our day at Notre Dame from Eko’s point of view.  He was a big hit with the fans – wish I could bring him to Miami for the National Championship!

Hope everyone makes a new friend this weekend.  Have a good one!

3 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Eko’s 80,000 New Friends”

  1. For the suggestion box. Have the Purina execs fly you and Eko to the game in Miami ON THE CORPORATE JET. Now is not the time for them to look cheap. Think of the global reach Marking Our Territory would have. Billions of football loving pet owners soaking up the good vibes and loading up on Dog Chow. Your aunt and I are right on the way and it wouldnt be a big deal at all for you to have the pilots make a quick stop at PDK airport in Atlanta and give us a lift.


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