A Visit To Chicago’s Christmas Market

Eko and I are hitting the road tomorrow for a holiday visit back to the east coast.  Before we left I wanted to check out Chicago’s downtown German Christkindlesmarkt.  My brother let me know that the annual outdoor market is pet-friendly, so we decided to stop by.

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North Pole or Germany, decisions decisions

The market consists of multiple pop-up stores selling everything from glass ornaments (we kept Eko’s wandering paws a safe distance away) to traditional German food.  It’s a great place to shop for some unique holiday gifts – but fair warning – if you bring your pup you should budget extra time for all the love they’ll get!  The line to pet Eko rivaled the line for photos with Santa.  Speaking of which…

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We found out that Santa rents a condo in Chicago!  We wanted to say hello but…

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COME ON, SANTA!  You would think that a guy who lives with reindeer wouldn’t mind a dog stopping by.  While we didn’t see Santa, we did see a rather interesting gathering:

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Turns out that pigeons love a good fire.  Eko decided to tell them that in front of a roaring fire is also one of his favorite places to be:

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“Hey guys, I LOVE….hey, why are you all running away?”

After clearing out the pigeon party, we perused the stands for gift ideas.  I usually don’t do my Christmas shopping until the afternoon of the 24th, so it was nice to have a bit more time to enjoy the experience.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet adventure

Eko and I getting in the Christmas spirit

We may have missed Santa, but the Christkindlesmarkt was definitely a hit!

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