Eko’s Oldest Pal

Eko’s first order of business when we got to my mom’s place was to strategically place his stocking to maximize his haul from Santa.

pet=friendly christmas

Eko figures that the closer to the tree your stocking is, the more likely Santa is to drop in a couple extra gifts

After that, it was time for Eko to catch up with his oldest friend – my mom’s dog, Scout.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, Pet adventure

Eko and his mentor

Eko has met plenty of dogs and made plenty of friends in the past year, but just like us, dogs never forget their oldest pals.  I had barely opened the front door before Eko darted in and started romping with Scout like old times.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet adventure

First they battled for treats (even though they each had their own)

Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet adventure

And then they just battled!

Rhodesian Ridgeback, dog adventureBut it’s all a show – these two are best friends

 It amazes me how Scout and Eko can pick up right where they left off.  It is also very interesting how Eko lets Scout get away with things he would never let another dog do.  For example, Scout will put Eko’s whole head in her mouth – a very vulnerable position for Eko – but he doesn’t mind it at all.  I guess it reminds him of how they used to play when he was younger (and had a much smaller head).  The two of them have already managed to break two ornaments but hopefully we can keep the rest intact!

Does your pet have an oldest pal and do they act or play differently with them?

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  1. what a wonderful “best friends” picture… The dogs of my staff and the dog of my grandparents were enemies for their lifetime…it must be good to live together in perfect harmony ;o)


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