[VIDEO] This Dog Can Drive A Car. Seriously.

Well, no introduction can do justice to the video you are about to watch.  The video is for a great cause and kicked off my weekend with a huge smile. The title pretty much says it all:


I’m in no rush to let Eko drive my car, but now more than ever I know to never say never when it comes to teaching him a new trick!  Hope everyone has a great weekend.

10 thoughts on “[VIDEO] This Dog Can Drive A Car. Seriously.”

  1. Cool video, but I have to point out something for the sake of future dogs. Dog behaviorists and trainers say when a dog pants, licks his lips and/or drools like the dog in the video, it’s because the dog is really stressed out.

    If Eko starts to lick his lips while behind the wheel, you might try a scooter or bicycle next. Better yet, a rickshaw 🙂

    Happy New Year!


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