The Blanket Monster

If you were to visit my apartment in the winter months, it might not be apparent at first glance that I have a dog.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, Pet Adventure

Just a blanket and jacket.  Wait, but what’s that rustle underneath the blanket?

Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet adventure

Who dares disturb the slumber of the great and powerful Blanket Monster!?!?

Eko’s short hair serves him well during warmer months, but it definitely leaves him more exposed when temperatures drop.  Last winter I noticed that Eko was having  trouble getting comfortable even when we were inside.  He would pace and circle around his favorite spots and flop down with an exasperated whimper.  As soon as I put a blanket over him, Eko settled down and slept like a baby.  What I didn’t realize is that I had created a Blanket Monster!

The Blanket Monster only comes out on the coldest days and Eko is happy to remind me with a whine and a push when he wants an extra cover.  I used to have one blanket on the couch for Eko and one for me, but Eko quickly made it known that he needed both and I was welcome to go put on a a sweatshirt.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, dog blog

The Blanket Monster frequently goes mobile.  When I’m working at my desk the Blanket Monster will show up with his billowing cape in tow

Rhodesian Ridgeback, Pet Adventure

Spoiled? Yes. But it’s totally worth having a Blanket Monster when I see how contently the little guy sleeps

Once you make a Blanket Monster, there’s no undoing it!  Anyone else out there have a Blanket Monster?

43 thoughts on “The Blanket Monster”

  1. Our lab is! He will actually pull our blankets off of us at night so he can cuddle under them on his bed. Then we wake up freezing. Also, if he sleeps on the bed he has to be cuddled up to my husband or myself under the blanket otherwise we hear about it. We live in MN so I know it gets cold…. but he has fur!

  2. My blanket monster whines in the middle of the night after she has rearranged herself and her blanket isnt covering her anymore. The whining doesnt stop until I get up and cover her again!

  3. Peanut, my B’Jack(beagle/jack Russell) only sleeps under the covers. After she’s been there for a while, she realizes that she is hot and can’t breath so she comes up for air. She comes out panting and is 100 degrees. However, 5 minutes later, she’s back under. She used to pull on the covers and go under, now, she pulls and looks at me, waiting for help!!!!!! Seriously, wake me for that? Sometimes I will wake up in the night just to see her staring at me, waiting………..

    • Haha that is hilarious, but I bet you tuck her in nonetheless. It’s near impossible to resist those eyes.

  4. Holy cow. The blanket monster. Just when I think Eko has revealed all his tricks, he shows up in a billowing cape. I’m not entirely unconvinced that Eko isn’t part-human!


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