Road Trip Adventures In 2013

With 2013 underway, there is a familiar smell in the air.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet adventure

“Smell that, Will?  It’s the smell of a road trip!”

Sure, Eko and I traveled over 15,000 miles last year, but as far as 2013 is concerned, our odometer reads straight zeroes.  Today we spent some time researching some (slightly shorter) road trips that we can line up this year.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet adventure

We consulted every guide book
Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet adventure

Carefully studied every map

Traveling with your pet, pet adventure

And mapped out some possible trips

So far I’m thinking about a day trip to Starved Rock State Park, a visit to St. Louis for the Beggin Pet Parade and possibly a winter weekend trip up to Minnesota so that Eko can romp in some serious snow.  As always, suggestions are always welcome!

Does anyone else have road trips planned this year?  If you are bringing a pet along for the first time, you can check out some of my tips here and here.

29 thoughts on “Road Trip Adventures In 2013”

  1. Buddy and I forgot to let you know where we hang , we go to the dog park that’s down the street from us in Wood Dale, on Wood Dale Rd south of Irving PK RD called White Oaks Dog Park. There is two big fenced in areas that is covered with wood chips and some agility toys . Then there are a couple of walking trails to.
    Its next to the Wood Dale Nature Center.
    I still have to keep a good eye on Buddy there and sometimes a leash, due to he is some times a bit to playful and doesn’t always come when called.
    Buddy is still a new member to my family and only about a year old.
    But he loves going there.
    If you guys are ever in the area let us know and we can meet up?

  2. Where is that Canine Cafe? Id love to find some of those on my travels. My dog, Bella, loves to go on road trips. She went to Las Vegas with me and they treated her like royalty at the RIO. They comped dog treats, two really neat bowls, and everyone made a fuss over her. She loved it, of course. There is also a very large dog park in North Las Vegas at the sports park thats worth visiting. Happy trails 🙂

    • Hey Tina, the Canine Cafe is in Charlotte, NC. Eko and I had a blast when we visited Vegas. People get hung up on the casinos, but the hiking and outdoor adventures are top notch for an adventurous pup!

  3. If your coming to MN you will need to go to north of St. Cloud to get good snow cover. That said Duluth is a great place to visit. If your looking for a one of a kind experience visit the National Eagle Museum near Red Wing. This time of year thousands of Eagles come to feed in the open waters.

    We visited St Louis this past summer and were really impressed with the AKC museum. The 110 degree temps prevented us from visiting Purina’s pet center. I think Mr. Eko would enjoy Creve Coeur as well.

    • Awesome thanks for the tips. I actually just spoke with my friend and it looks like we’re going to head up to Agate Lake in February with a possible stop in Minneapolis as well. I was lucky enough to visit the AKC museum with Eko – it was a bit tough to find, but it was such a cool spot to check out. Haven’t been to Creve COeur so we will definitely have to check it out.

  4. First time user here and we just love to read all the places you guys have been.
    You should check out up by Custer SD, took a road trip up there in my RV and my best friend Charlie that has since passed away. But almost everywhere we went to visit, they all were dog friendly. Great trails to walk on and great day trips by car. Crazy Horse lets you bring your dog in. The Bear USA, is great drive thru for your dog can check out the bears, Buffalo, Cougars, and much more. It was fun to watch my guy Charlie check out all the new animals and smells from the safety of your car.
    I love to go camping in my RV and now with my new adopted friend Buddy, we are just like you are, planning out our year of all the places we are going to check out. Now after reading all the fun places you guys have been, just gives us much more places to go!
    Good luck this year, and we will be following up on where you guys go.
    RIP: Charlie 2002-2011

  5. It looks like Eko is itchin’ to take on his upcoming road trip! I can not get over your first photo…the wind must have been intense to give Eko’s ears that much velocity! 😉


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