[VIDEO] Man’s Best Co-worker

Yesterday I wrote about some of the ways Eko helps me out around the office.  Today I put together a quick video to show a few more reasons why it’s great to have a pet-friendly office.  Check it out!



And remember, if you or a friend has a pet-friendly office, be sure to enter to win over $15,000 in cash and prizes.  Hope all two and four-legged employees out there have a great weekend!



14 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Man’s Best Co-worker”

  1. Oh, I loved the video what fun it was to watch. You and Eko are a great team. We are all retired here but Chancy does a good job helping me when I am writing and reading blogs. He is an excellent guard dog. Hugs and nose kisses for you two from Chancy and me!

  2. Nala is a great companion for my home based holistic health care business. Although lately she has been insisting on being up on the bodywork table with my clients – she lies in a little space at the end of the table, and rests her head of their legs.
    Otherwise she has a dog bed in the room. But if someone starts to talk about something upsetting, she will come over and give kisses or lick away tears. She knows how to be supportive.
    She also barks ferociously when someone comes to the front door, but the side office door she waits to see who it is and if it is a client she is usually silent.
    She knows the clients who bring treats, and is always happy when their car pulls up. Yep, she recognizes people by their car.
    My first Ridgeback was a therapy dog, and visited a residential hospice with me every Tuesday, until she became ill herself. I love having a dog to work with me, and it makes some of the loneliness of working at home disappear. Nala can’t do regular therapy work because she is so food obsessed, but she does a great job with my clients. She has even convinced some reluctant kids with autism that it would be okay to let me work with them. She is a great ice breaker and makes kids with special needs feel more at ease. That is amazing.

    • Now that is an awesome story, Linda! I never cease to be amazed at how dogs can get through some social/psychological barriers that people just can’t.

  3. That’s a total riot Will, the typing and the piano..OMgosh I’m still laughing. I think companies that invite pets to work are really thinking ahead…a happy work environment can only make an employee more creative, productive and dedicated. You wouldn’t want to loose that kind of job that allows you to bring your dog with. Of course Petals & Blossum always keep me great company in the Boomdee Office…eeer craft room.


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