[VIDEO] Man’s Best Co-worker

Yesterday I wrote about some of the ways Eko helps me out around the office.  Today I put together a quick video to show a few more reasons why it’s great to have a pet-friendly office.  Check it out!



And remember, if you or a friend has a pet-friendly office, be sure to enter to win over $15,000 in cash and prizes.  Hope all two and four-legged employees out there have a great weekend!



14 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Man’s Best Co-worker”

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more. Eko is definitely the best co-worker anyone could hope for (although, apparently, not very good at teaching basket ball 😀 )
    I have always had pet friendly offices but, now that I am working from home, I don’t know if it counts anymore?

    • Yes and no. Ridgebacks are known as non-barkers and Eko perfectly fits that mold. Sometimes at the park Eko will play yip/bark when he wants a friend to romp with him, but aside from that he only barks/growls when something is seriously amiss. Like when my apartment complex’s window washers climbed up my balcony on a ladder unannounced, Eko immediately barked to make sure I saw what was happening. And while Eko doesn’t bark, he is still quite happy to whine his butt off by the door when he wants to go out! He is also a master of the exasperated sigh/whine that he gives whenever he is reluctant to move from a comfy spot.

      • i did not know that – my two are very vocal and that includes whinning for belly rubs and meat! Thats good that he lets you know when someone who isn’t supposed to be there is there – means he knows when to voice his concerns! He just looks like such a good puppy in all of his pics and videos – you are such a lucky guy (and of course you trained him very well!)

      • Thanks! I’m sure Eko causes just as much trouble as any other dog, but thanks to the magic of video editing I never have to show those parts!

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