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After a romp at the dog park or a run on the beach, you can usually find Eko sprawled out on the couch.  I often join him with whatever book I’m reading, and recently I picked up the perfect book for anyone who loves dogs: The Big New Yorker Book Of Dogs.

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Mixed in with the essays are some classic dog comics

Not surprisingly, a lot of great writing has been done about man’s best friend.  The Big Book Of Dogs includes work from contemporary writers like Malcolm Gladwell as well as 20th century big shots like Roald Dahl, John Updike and Arthur Miller.

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Eko will check out the photos and art with me
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But it is lights out as soon as I start reading!  I think I inadvertently discovered a new way to get Eko to bed

The Big Book Of Dogs is packed with essays, stories, poems and photos that every dog-lover will, well, love! I highly recommend you check it out.

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Find out more about the book here

It’s going to take me a while to get through the Big Book, but I am always looking for reading suggestions.  Anyone have a favorite book about dogs or pets that I should pick up?

35 thoughts on “Eko’s Book Club: The Big New Yorker Book Of Dogs”

  1. Thanks for the recommendation – looks really good. An intense, more scientific read if you are interested is ‘In Defence of Dogs’ by John Bradshaw. More about the evolution of dogs and why they behave the way they do – de-bunks a lot of comparing them to wolves theory. Eko is very handsome!

    • Defense of Dogs is actually mentioned right in the introduction of the New Yorker book as well, so I think it will be high on my reading list as well. Thanks for the heads up!

    • Hey David, nice to meet you – I always love connecting with other passionate pet people. Feel free to post the photo tomorrow – it would be great if you could include a link/mention back to the blog. Thanks and looking forwards to following your adventures on the blog!

  2. That book looks great! I bet it has a lot of really good pictures!

    My mom got a book for Christmas called The Dangerous Book for Dogs by Rex and Sparky.I see her reading in and laughing a lot, but for some reason she will not read this book to me.


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