Pets Make The World A Happier Place

For about eight years I worked in a restaurant, so I know firsthand how tough the service industry can be.  Everyone who walks in the door is there because they need something from you and the grind can be exhausting.  That’s why, whenever possible, I bring Eko with me on errands so that he can spread some rump-shaking cheer!

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At the mechanic, Eko had a long think about whether the copier was edible

No matter where we go, people’s faces light up when they see Eko.  He doesn’t need anything from the employees and he is happy to dole out some unbridled affection.Cashiers run around to our side of the counter to say hi or snap a photo, and managers have asked me to stick around longer so that some additional employees can pet Eko.  A visit from Eko may only provide a brief respite from the day’s work, but he always leaves the room a bit brighter than it was when he arrived.

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Unfortunately the mechanic did not also have dog toys, but the staff solemnly promised they would have a bone for Eko next time.  Nevertheless, Eko got to show off some tricks and was a total showboat (I know, what a shock…)

Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet adventure

Eko is a regular at the ATM outside the bank.  The tellers vie for who gets to give Eko one of the treats they have behind the desk.  Once again, Eko doesn’t seem to mind the attention! 
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On quick trips to the coffee shop, Eko knows to politely wait away from the door.  Why?  Because one of his doting coffee shop employee friends will say hello with a little treat.  Life sure is tough for a pup in the big city

And for his efforts at making the human world a happier place Eko is rewarded with what makes his world a happier place – a romp in the park!

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Joy in motion

Pets of course make us happy, but don’t forget to share your pet with the world!  Where your pet goes, smiles undoubtedly follow.

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