Does Your Pet Know It’s Monday?

For people, Mondays cast a long shadow over the rest of the week.  But what about for our pets?

dog adventure

 That’s right, I went with the shadow reference just so I could post this cool photo I took of us.  Can you guess where the camera is?

On the weekends my phone alarm is turned off, so Saturday and Sunday begin whenever my dog alarm (no off button) decides to get me up.  Our lazy weekend strolls usually end up at the dog park where tons of friends are waiting to play.  But on Monday, the week begins with a jarring alarm for us both and our morning walk is much quicker.  There is work to be done!  Even on the occasional Monday we do make it to the dog park, it’s just not the same.

 Rhodesian Ridgeback, dog park

A key component of Eko’s favorite game, “Romping with friends,” is friends!  Unfortunately there aren’t many of those to be found on Monday’s at the dog park.

And just like many people, Eko sometimes has trouble getting his brain started on Monday mornings.

Rhodesian Ridgeback photo

Remembering where to stand when eating breakfast isn’t always easy for a dog on Monday morning

Monday’s also mean that Eko’s worst enemy, my computer, gets turned back on.  He doesn’t like the competition for my attention!  However, Mondays aren’t all bad for a pup.  While I type away, Eko gets to keep busy with a treat puzzle or a Kong toy.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet adventure

Working for your food still counts as working, right?

Eko may not check the calendar to see what day it is, but I can definitely notice subtle differences in his personality and his expectations based on my Monday routine. I know Eko is not alone amongst his four-legged brethren.  Does your pet act differently when Monday rolls around?

15 thoughts on “Does Your Pet Know It’s Monday?”

  1. I used to be sad on Mondays when mom and dad went to work, but now mom works almost always at home so Mondays are a lot better! Now the only day I’m not crazy about is Friday, because that is when mom works at the animal hospital…only for a half day though 🙂

  2. my pups know – they get up w/me and lay down on the couches while i get ready-i leave home at 330am and my son takes care of them for the day – and i get home at 830pm and they are very happy, jumping and giving me love. on weekends they let me sleep in until about 5am and then they want to play right away and don’t mope around on the couches at all.

  3. Of course – don’t hate me – but I like mondays – really. Weekend is boring here then they fold up the sidewalks and I feel like the last human ahhm I mean dog…ahm I’m not a dog … so, I feel like the last Weimaraner of my kraal ;o)

  4. We are both students and our schede varies a lot each day, so there isn’t a steady pattern. But he I think he does know the couple of days we are gone for the longest. He gets all sad and sulks into the bedroom while we get ready (he normally is wagging his tail, jumping on us, running in circles when we get ready because he is expecting to join us).


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