Old Photos Make New Smiles

As a kid I remember my parents flipping through photo albums and exclaiming things like, “Oh, I completely forgot about that!” I didn’t understand how they possibly could forget things like what appeared to be a fun birthday party.  For an eight year old, birthday parties are about the apex of life, so it took me a while to realize that it can be very easy to forget about even the most amazing times.

I don’t own any photo albums but I do have a hard drive packed with thousands of photos I generally ignore.  This afternoon however I found myself searching for one old photo and quickly fell down the rabbit hole of looking at old photos from my road trip with Eko.  Before I realized it, an hour had gone by and I had smiled about a few dozen times from photos which I had completely forgotten about.

In no particular order, here are some of my favorite photos that for one reason or another never actually made it on the blog.

Rhodesian Ridgeback photo

We love Chicago, but it is not exactly known for its mountains.  I love hiking with Eko, so we will definitely have to add “climb a mountain” to our bucket list this year

Rhodesian Ridgeback, dog blog

This photo just makes me happy.

Rhodesian Ridgeback puppyI couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this photo.  It reminded me that when Eko was a puppy he believed that he couldn’t be seen when he hid under the table.  He figured that since it blocked his view of you, the same worked in reverse.  He was always shocked when I managed to find his “secret hiding place”

Dog blog, pet adventure

I always knew Eko was better looking than me, but this street artist really made it obviously when he drew us side by side!

Pet blog, dog adventure

Eko in NYC

pet adventure

And this is a man on his cell phone, riding a horse across a busy four lane road in Atlanta.  He rode off into the sunset before I could ask any questions.

dog blog, rhodesian ridgeback photo

Eko doing his best impression of a jaguar 

If you haven’t looked at your photo albums (real or digital) in a while, I highly recommend diving in.  You are bound to find some old photos that make your day!


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