There’s No Place Like Home

The past 72 hours were packed with travel, adventure and one heck of a parade.  My birthday was yesterday and I thought it was only fitting that I wrap up my 27th year in much the same way I began it – on the road with Eko!  We finally made it back from St. Louis late last night after a long drive and right before I hit the hay I saw that my mom had sent me an email with a birthday message from my 102 year old grandpa.  In case you were wondering where my big mouth comes from:

The man, the myth, the legend

At 102 he still talks trash about how he can beat me in a footrace! 

I managed to drag myself out of bed this morning but Eko is still out cold in what I like to call his “Olympic high diver in mid-flip” pose

Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet adventure

Eko tucks his legs tight to get the best rotation during his dives

Can’t say I blame Eko though, there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed!  As it stands, Eko has made the executive decision to take the day off, but we will be back to our regularly scheduled adventures tomorrow.

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  1. Happy Birthday Will!!! Wow, your grandpa is 102 that is amazing. Love the picture of Eko he sure looks comfy. Wishing you many more birthdays to celebrate and hoping the years are filled with love, happiness and good health! Hugs and nose kisses


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