How Does Your Pet Keep An Eye On You?

Those of us with pets are used to keeping one eye on our four legged buddies – you never know what kind of trouble they might get into.  As it turns out, many pets also like to keep an eye out on us for the same reason!

While adventurous outdoors, Eko usually chills on the couch at home.  However, if he senses that I might be up to something, he quickly springs into action to get a closer look.

rhodesian ridgeback

One of Eko’s favorite lookout spots is above the fridge.  He likes keeping an eye on me while I make dinner

Rhodesian Ridgeback

If I have been at the computer for too long, Eko will take all necessary steps to physically separate me from the keyboard.   It’s for my own good

Like many pups, Eko is most active when he thinks I might be leaving the house without him.  If Emily is at the apartment and we both have our jackets on, Eko has to work twice as hard to keep an eye on us both.

pet adventure

Eko has perfected leaning on Emily while watching me so that neither of us can make a move without him knowing

Rhodesian Ridgeback

And of course, the easiest way to keep an eye on me and keep me from leaving is simply by sitting on me!

Does your pet have any go-to moves or perches they like to use when they want to keep a closer eye on you?

23 thoughts on “How Does Your Pet Keep An Eye On You?”

  1. Sage’s favorite spot is the ‘condo’ in the cat tree, where she can watch everyone coming and going outside. But when I put my shoes on, or even go near the coat closet, there’s that very expectant look that gets in her eyes.

  2. Lol. Every time you post a picture of handsome Eko I tell myself, “He is so handsome”. Then you post more pictures and Eko looks even more handsome and adorable. How do you do that?


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