[VIDEO] The Secret To A Good Dog Video

A lot of people have asked how I get Eko to participate in the shenanigans I set up for our videos.  From dressing up as a Blues Brother to having me strap a camera on his back, Eko is certainly game for anything.  The first secret to any good video is to take A LOT of footage – you’re bound to capture a few gems that way.  And what’s my second secret?  Check it out yourself:



Hope everyone has a great weekend!

11 thoughts on “[VIDEO] The Secret To A Good Dog Video”

  1. Had 2 ridgebacks – all Max wanted to do is run bite, Cooper was my baby the best dog I ever had, I miss him very very much every day, there could never be another dog like him.

  2. Your secrets safe with me Will! You can’t imagine how much editing I have to do to get one good picture HA..there’s weird Chandler smiles, double chins, closed eyes…Eko makes it look easy. I could watch the kitty stealing scene on a loop, over and over HA

  3. Will-I appreciate your honesty!!! Eko still deserves an Oscar for acting and you as well for directing!!!! Love you guys and your blog. Jen, Chris & lively lovable lab pup-Taylor (fellow Garden Staters:-)


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