The First Step To A Successful Dog Bath: Get Dirty!

Once a week, Eko has his spa day – Nailed trimmed, teeth brushed, ears cleaned and bath given.  Eko generally approaches these activities with the enthusiasm of a man walking to the gallows.  However, I have found the trick to get Eko to enjoy getting cleaned  up is simple – get him dirty first!

Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet adventure

“Did someone say ‘get dirty?’ I’m listening…”

If Eko’s spa day follows one of our normal walks, it can be a pretty tedious affair.  If, however, we go out for a serious romp, Eko welcomes being pampered.  Today was spa day this week, so we headed out to get Eko dirty…or in our case, sandy.  But getting Eko dirty is a two person job.  Or a two dog job, I should say.  Luckily we found a friend at the beach up to the task.

dog beach

The two dancers first began with a bow

pet blog

They circled each other and gave a closer bow

dog beach chicago


One final bow and then…

Rhodesian Ridgeback

They danced!  Eko and his new friend tore up and down the beach, undeterred by the cold Chicago winds

pet beach

My instructions were to get as dirty as possible, and Eko’s friend certainly saw to that. 
dog beach chicago

After packing as much of the beach into his coat as he could, Eko was ready to head home. (Side note: I think this curved lens makes Eko look like an anteater in this photo)

After bounding through the frigid water and winds at the beach, Eko happily welcomed the warmth of the shower and was quite glad to have the sand removed from his ears/teeth.  With a freshly clean coat and a matching pedicure, Eko was ready to curl up on the couch – where he will likely remain snoring contently for the rest of the day!

Anyone else have tricks to get their pet cleaned up?

19 thoughts on “The First Step To A Successful Dog Bath: Get Dirty!”

  1. Awesome photos! What a great way to redirect your dog towards an often not-so- fun activity! We often resort to treat-giving…I mean, bribery…when it’s Taylor’s spa day! 😉

  2. Oh, I just love that last picture of Eko! He must have had so much fun! I think I would not mind baths so much either if I could have some serious playtime on the beach first 🙂


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