What World Record Does Your Pet Own?

I recently read through this list of world-record-holding pets and found many of the categories you might think of, like  “World’s Biggest Dog” and “Longest Cat Whiskers.”  It got me thinking that while Eko is surely not the largest, smallest, strongest or fastest dog in the world, there must be a world record he could compete for.  Here are a few categories where I think Eko might be top-dog.

1. World’s Best Pet Photographer

Camera Dog

This category should not be confused with photographers that take photos of pets, this is pets that are photographers themselves!  Over the past year some of the best shots on this blog have come courtesy of Eko himself

2. World’s Most Ridiculous Sleeper

Ridiculous sleep dog

Sure Eko has a comfy bed and two couches to choose from, but where’s the fun in that?  I swear he purposefully chooses to sleep in the most ridiculous places/positions possible

3. World’s Best Non-Mechanical Alarm Clock

Alarm clock dog

“I don’t care if it’s Saturday. I’m hungry, get up!”

4. World’s Best Friend!

Rhodesian Ridgeback

I have a funny feeling that everyone would nominate their pup for this award, as well they should – dogs are the best friends in the world!

Guinness may not recognize Eko’s achievements in the next copy of its record book, but that’s ok.  If you could nominate your pet for a world-record, what would it be?

31 thoughts on “What World Record Does Your Pet Own?”

  1. GREAT PICS!! I would say Taylor would be voted “World’s Best Teenage Girl Impersonator” because there are times whenever I give her command that she first stretches…then scratches herself…then chews on her toy…then looks out the window…before listening to her momma!

  2. Ha! ha! absolutely every pet owner would agree with the alarm clock…they dont care that we were out late the night before, all they know is theyre hungry and they want us up out of bed Lol

  3. World’s best alarm clock…that is one awesome pic!!!! Let’s see, Trev is a master at losing his mind when food is being served…especially chicken…I mean he can’t even think straight… He does this magic thing where all of hair somehow looks like it was just brushed…I mean he looks unbearably cute and then these tears well up in his eyes saying…Just one bite kind sir!!!!

  4. I think Grimm would win for World’s Deadliest Tail, Zella for World’s Fastest Chewer and Charley for World’s Most Toxic Gas (Organic Category). Rufus, bless his heart, would never win a world record for anything, but he might get a Razzie for Worst Listener Ever.

    Love the pics! Eko is so charming!


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