24 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Eko On Ice”

  1. Will,
    Great video! Looks like a fun time was had by all. I agree ice fishing is only fun when the company is. So glad MN delivered the snow ūüėÄ
    Love to see your adventures Will and Eko! Makes our day. The Best adventures are Always shared with our Best Friends!

    Slobs n Wiggles,
    Chopper n Mom

  2. What a great trip. Brings back a ton of memories of life on a lake. Thanks Will. I think it’s so cool that your camera went underwater too. NEAT. I always enjoy the workmanship of your videos. The dialogue is always witty and entertaining, editing is spot on and I enjoyed the music too. Thanks for all the work you do to bring your adventures to us here.

    • I’m with you. Ice fishing on its own is pretty boring pretty quickly, but luckily I brought the entertainment with me! Glad you like the videos, it’s fun to share our adventures and it lets me relive them whenever I want!

    • Thanks – glad you like it! I used a GoPro camera for all these shots – it comes with a durable waterproof housing, so it is perfect for underwater shots on the ice and for days at the dog beach.


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