When Is The Best Time To Get A Second Pet?

Before anyone gets any ideas, I am NOT considering a second pet – well, not yet at least!

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Besides, Eko barely leaves enough room for me on the couch as it is.   If I got second dog I would have to sit on the floor all day

Eventually I would like to get a second dog.  I grew up with two dogs and it was great that they had each other when we weren’t home or when they needed someone to commiserate with about not getting enough treats.  Eko was also lucky enough to grow up with a friend to teach him the ropes.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet adventure

Scout, my mom’s dog, showing Eko how to relax after a good romp

Thanks to Scout, Eko quickly learned things – like how to sit politely for a treat, or what door to go to when he wanted to go outside – that otherwise would have taken longer to teach.  A well-behaved adult dog is definitely your best friend in training a young pup.  Eko also channeled his energy into playtime with Scout rather than into  my shoes. Most of the time.

Eko’s presence also reinvigorated Scout.  She became very playful, lost a few pounds from trying to keep up with the pup and overall was the happiest I had seen her in years.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet adventure

However, Scout was not happy when Eko grew bigger than her and she could no longer easily steal treats from him!

I know Eko would love to have a little sister as a partner in crime and hopefully someday not too far off I will be ready to bring another pup home.  Until that time there’s no harm in day dreaming, so I want to ask for thoughts/advice from those of you who have (or had) more than one pet at the same time.  Any recommendations about spacing between pets, dealing with issues of jealousy, or about issues I haven’t considered would be much appreciated.  Thanks!

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  1. Hey, Will and Eko! I’ve been pursuing the same second dog idea for a few months now and sorting through everything is so tough that I haven’t had time to laugh at your weekly antics 🙂 I’m glad you still find the time to post!

    From what I’ve discovered (and what you already know), opposite sex new pups are the best for household harmony. Then introduce outside the home is important and once inside the home, set up baby/dog gates for a week so the two dogs are separated but can smell one another (with inside play time) and then going outside (neutral) to play. Feeding times/spaces should be separate, as well as toys. And Eko should get lots of attention.

    I’ve been looking at rescue dogs and the second time around, I know some things I didn’t when adopting Optimus Prime. In Dallas, shelters neuter/spay puppies as soon as possible, and if this is done too early, it can negatively affect the dog. Optimus was neutered at 3 months and as a result has growth plate issues that cause him pain. Now I know this, I will only choose a puppy neutered/spayed at 8 months (at the earliest).

    Some shelters don’t offer a week or two week trial period, so I cross those off my list.

    I recently checked the American Kennel Club breeder’s classified and found some great choices there.

    What you said about never being 100% about a second dog is really true. I haven’t pulled the trigger just yet. But Optimus has been to several shelters and met lots of puppies and dogs. It’s interesting to watch his reactions. I’m leaving it to him to make the final choice.

    Good luck and keep us posted 🙂


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