When Is The Best Time To Get A Second Pet?

Before anyone gets any ideas, I am NOT considering a second pet – well, not yet at least!

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Besides, Eko barely leaves enough room for me on the couch as it is.   If I got second dog I would have to sit on the floor all day

Eventually I would like to get a second dog.  I grew up with two dogs and it was great that they had each other when we weren’t home or when they needed someone to commiserate with about not getting enough treats.  Eko was also lucky enough to grow up with a friend to teach him the ropes.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet adventure

Scout, my mom’s dog, showing Eko how to relax after a good romp

Thanks to Scout, Eko quickly learned things – like how to sit politely for a treat, or what door to go to when he wanted to go outside – that otherwise would have taken longer to teach.  A well-behaved adult dog is definitely your best friend in training a young pup.  Eko also channeled his energy into playtime with Scout rather than into  my shoes. Most of the time.

Eko’s presence also reinvigorated Scout.  She became very playful, lost a few pounds from trying to keep up with the pup and overall was the happiest I had seen her in years.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet adventure

However, Scout was not happy when Eko grew bigger than her and she could no longer easily steal treats from him!

I know Eko would love to have a little sister as a partner in crime and hopefully someday not too far off I will be ready to bring another pup home.  Until that time there’s no harm in day dreaming, so I want to ask for thoughts/advice from those of you who have (or had) more than one pet at the same time.  Any recommendations about spacing between pets, dealing with issues of jealousy, or about issues I haven’t considered would be much appreciated.  Thanks!

48 thoughts on “When Is The Best Time To Get A Second Pet?”

  1. What a tough question. I had only Sephi for 6 years before I decided to get a second dog. Sephi did not care for Maya much. They got along well enough, though. After Sephi passed away and it was just Maya, I really wanted another dog. I only waited two months before I got Pierson. In both cases, I dont regret getting the second dog. Whether you wait a couple months or a few years, Im sure you will make a good choice that is right for you.

  2. Sometimes I would like to have a brother or sister, but honestly: I’m a only dog and I’m not good in sharing ;o) My staff had two dogs before me – but they say, one is enought… and I? I agree… but I wish I had a pal for playing and walking ;o)

  3. Our parents always had two dogs growing up. My mom’s rule of thumb was that she always waited for the first dog to grow out of that annoying teenage phase, where they forget all basic training for a few months. Once the dog was around 2.5-3, we’d start looking. This way, the first dog is properly trained, but still able to play like a puppy. The first dog can lead as a fantastic role model.

    Jealously is one of those things that might happen. However, I can’t see you ever ignoring Eko completely. Because he’s properly socialized, I think he’d be fine.

  4. I would love love love a brother or sister (so would daddy) but mummy says I have to wait till I’m fully grown, and even then she’s not sure she could cope with another dog, though I think she means she couldn’t love another dog as much as me, right?

  5. It’s true, two pets do keep each other company. I did at one time have two dogs, they seemed to get into a lot more mischief than when we had one. But I’m glad we have two cats, they exercise each other running around and sleep together. So that’s good. I didn’t know anything about training dogs at the time, I think I’d do better now and really, you’re a rock star for dog owners so no problemo.


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