In Like A Lion

Chicago certainly had a gray winter, but aside from that it didn’t have much bite to it.  Winter here was so mild that Eko and I had to go on a road trip to Minnesota to find a snowy adventure.

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At the beach, the snow was receding and the ice on the lake thinning.  It looked like spring was well on its way

As it turns out, the snow must have followed us back from Minnesota because Chicago is got hit with some pretty heavy snow yesterday.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, dog adventure

At first Eko and I weren’t thrilled with March coming in like a lion 

Rhodesian Ridgeback, dog blog

Then we realized that Eko is a lion hunter so we should seize the day!

dog adventure, pet blogWe entered the whiteout looking for adventure 
Rhodesian Ridgeback, play, pet adventure

At the dog park we found a few other brave pups romping in the snow

And the strangest thing happened on the way home.  As we were cutting through the park a kangaroo jumped right in front of me while Eko was taking a photo!

Pet blog, rhodesian ridgeback

Wrong continent, buddy!

Spring might not have sprung, but Eko sure did! I’m looking forward to hanging up my winter jacket for the season, but until then we could do a lot worse that a few extra romps in the snow.


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  1. OMG!! It didn’t hit me until now that a member of the large breed community like Eko can gain that much velocity! He’s so multi-talented! 🙂


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