If You Have A Pet There Is Only One Timezone

Should all the world’s clocks fail, never to be repaired, I would still wake up at the same time every day.  A time I like to call “Eko’s hungry o’clock.”  People make a big deal out of Daylight Savings, but in this apartment Eko’s stomach is the only clock that counts.  In the fall we were told that we would get an extra hour of sleep!  But it was not so for those of us with pets.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet adventure

Daylight Savings? That’s nice, I’m hungry now

Yesterday’s time change also caused a few issues.  While Eko certainly didn’t mind being fed an hour earlier than expected, he assumed it meant that he got to double dip.  Dinner for Eko is normally at 6:00 pm, so yesterday after eating dinner #1 at what his stomach thought was 5:00 pm, Eko thought he was entitled to dinner #2 an hour later.  He patiently sat by his bowl for about five minutes before sulking back to the couch.  The good news however is that the change in time means we will have more light for adventures.  And there is nothing Eko loves more than romping in the sun.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Smiling because brighter days are on the way!

Were any of your pets thrown off by the change?

27 thoughts on “If You Have A Pet There Is Only One Timezone”

  1. Great photos Will! Hungry o’clock LOL! That’s a great description. We have lucked out w/ Chopper, he is such a snuggler that he doesn’t wake us for breakfast. But if your getting up to go to the bathroom, he wants to go out, even @ 3am! He does how ever, literally sing for his supper, if not delivered promptly by 5pm.

  2. Whee always make sure our hoomans know when it is breakfast time by squeaking and wheeking as loud as whee can. Sometimes it isnt breakfast time and they feed us anyway just to make us be quiet!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy Basil


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