One Lucky Dog (Will, That Is!)

We all know how lucky we are to have our pets, but getting ready for St. Patrick’s day reminded me that there is often more than a little luck involved in finding our pets in the first place.


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The one that almost got away

If I hadn’t left my job in Washington, DC for one in New York, I never would have been in a position to have a dog at all.  Or if I had decided to wait until later in the year (as I originally intended) to get a dog, I would never have found Eko.  Thankfully, I had the luck of the Irish with me and picked up the phone on the right day at the right time.  The rest is history!  Eko is my good luck charm, so it is only fitting that we will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in style.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

I have a feeling this “lady’s dog” will have no trouble getting smooches

Chicago is known for one of the best St. Patrick’s parades in the country, so I am excited to check it out firsthand this Saturday.  Eko is not one to shy away from revelry (he was a big hit at Mardi Gras in New Orleans) but unfortunately there is no good way for him to get downtown since we can’t drive.  Don’t worry though, we will check out some local festivities before I go and Eko will no doubt be content to hang out at home with his “pot of gold”.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

For Eko, a pot of food glows even brighter than a pot of gold!

Anyone else have a lucky break when it came to finding their pet?

22 thoughts on “One Lucky Dog (Will, That Is!)”

  1. I found my Charlie girl when I started a conversation with someone in a pet food store. I was admiring their dog when they told me their daughter had to give away her dog…one look and I was in love!!

  2. You and Eko were meant to be together! I can’t imagine a more perfect match 🙂

    Mom was pretty lucky when she met me too! The day I moved from the animal control shelter to the spcaLA shelter was Friday the 13th and mom wasn’t even supposed to be at work. But another vet tech called in sick and mom came in and that’s how she met me 😀 Is that lucky or what?

  3. Bummer that us dogs are so restricted in this country…in Germany we could hop the bus or subway with mom any time, just had to pay for an extra person since we were not lap dogs! I am sure Eko will find some fun no matter where he is.

    • I hear ya. In Boston dogs can ride the subway and in San Fran they can ride the trolley cars, but unfortunately not everywhere has caught up yet. Oh well, one day..


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