[VIDEO] Detective Eko Is On The Case

Eko’s lazy morning was interrupted by an unidentified visitor who fled the scene.  It was up to Detective Eko to give chase!  Check it out:



Today was the first time Eko ever saw a laser pointer, so I was unsure how he would react.  It was fun watching him puzzle it out and he was encouraged by my laughter.  After a few minutes he looked at my hand and seemed to realize that I was controlling the light – which made him even more eager to catch it!  It can be hard to come up with novel and engaging ways to play with your pet, so even though the laser pointer gimmick is old it was a lot of fun to see Eko show some puppy-like curiosity.  He appreciated the treat for his efforts and is now contentedly snoring away.  I will definitely save the laser pointer for a rainy day when Eko is bored.

13 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Detective Eko Is On The Case”

  1. Move it around quickly in circles on the ground. A fun thing to watch. My 10 year old still chases it

  2. Love the video!
    Thanks, this video made me laugh after having a really bad day today.
    Just what I needed!
    Thanks Eko and Will


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