What Do Our Pets Dream About?

It’s no revelation to anyone who has a pet, but research conclusively demonstrates that humans aren’t the only ones who dream. Our four-legged friends have their own dreams, and Eko has shown me how much variety those dreams can have.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Eko’s naps start peacefully, but they often don’t stay serene for very long…

Rhodesian RidgebackThis is a move I like to call the “upside-down zombie robot.”  While in this position Eko will frequently growl and move all his legs.  My guess is that he is on the hunt in dreamland
Rhodesian RidgebackI call this one “the octopus.”  It is usually accompanied by frantic twitching of Eko’s paws, so my guess is that these are digging dreams
Rhodesian Ridgeback

And, well, I don’t really have a name for this one, but Eko was whimpering, growling and his whole body was twitching so it must have been a pretty interesting dream!

Does your pet “sleepwalk/sleeptalk?”

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