[VIDEO] Eko VS The Kong Wobbler

As a puppy, Eko didn’t eat his food, he inhaled it.  Like a magic trick, the food would  be there one second and gone the next.  I tried a few specialty bowls to slow him down, but Eko responded by simply flipping the bowls over.  Luckily, the problem fixed itself and as Eko got older he slowed his eating speed.  However, he recently has returned to his speed-eater ways.  I already knew a new bowl wouldn’t help, so thanks to the advice of some readers I decided to try a Kong Wobbler and was very impressed with the results – check it out:

I don’t think I will end up using the Wobbler for every meal – it can be loud and distracting on hardwood – but I highly recommend it for anyone with a speed-eater. Eko seemed to get a kick out of the challenge so my plan is to use the Wobbler for one meal a day and see how it works long term.

That does it for us, hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. They say speed eating is the cause of bloat, which can be life threatening and very expensive. Keep up the battle


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