Greetings From Hawaii!

That’s right.  Fed up with winter’s dragging feet, I decided to take the ultimate pet-friendly vacation and visit Hawaii with Eko!  I purchased a last minute flight yesterday morning and I am now coming to you live from the beach!

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Sure beats Chicago right now!

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And of course, it’s a pet-friendly beach!

Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet adventure

Ah, life sure is grand in Hawaii

What’s that?  These photos look a lot like the ones I posted from a beach outside San Francisco?   Um…well..okay, you got me.  Maybe one day Eko and I will make it to Hawaii, but for right now we’re stuck with another thirty degree day.  Bartender!

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“Make it a double”

Hopefully this weather is Mother Nature’s idea of an April Fools’ prank.  We’re looking forward to warm afternoons at the dog beach and weekend lunches on patios with Eko lounging under the table.  Until then, let a guy dream!

Happy April Fools’ Day from two of the best fools in the business!

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