Two Of A Kind: When People Look Like Their Pets

There is plenty of competition for my favorite frivolous holiday, but April 20th’s Look Alike Day is definitely a top contender.  Figuring out what other person your friend looks like is always good for a laugh.  But no need to stop the comparisons there – we all know at least one person whose resemblance to their pet is uncanny.  I  have freckles and grew up with a brown-spotted Dalmatian (named Indy) so my dad loved to tease me and ask “What’s white with brown spots and pees in the backyard?”  I would answer “Indy!” and my dad would howl and reply, “No, YOU!”

Whether it is the tallest guy at the dog park with his Great Dane or a woman who has striking eyes the same color as her cat’s eyes, the look alike possibilities are endless. That got me wondering, how do I know whether I’m still one of those people?  Only one way to find out,  Let’s take a closer look to see if Eko and I look alike.

blues bros

Hm.  Ok, well of course we look alike here.  But that was just that one time

pet blog, pet adventure

Did I say one time?  Maybe a few times, but that just means we have a similar fashion sense, that’s all. It’s not like we have any of the same habits  

Rhodesian Ridgeback, adventure

For example, here is Eko nearly knocking the bowl over as he rushes to finish breakfast.  This speed eater has no competition!

pet blog

OH, COME ON! I was running late that morning! Who even took this photo!? 

Alright, I’ll give it to you.  Eko and I may dress alike and have similar habits, but that in no way means we look alike.  Eko has a unique ridge running down the middle of his hair while I just have a regular old head of hair.  See for yourself:

Dog blog, pet adventure

What!?  When did that happen to my hair!?

If you can't beat em...

“Will, you have gone too far this time” 

I guess the truth is that I’m just a knucklehead who loves fun and adventure.  And now that I think about it, so is Eko.  We make a pretty good team!  Do you share any looks or personality traits with your pets?

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