[VIDEO] What Do Dogs Dream About?

A couple weeks ago I posted about Eko’s more peculiar sleeping/dreaming habits.  Since then I have managed to sneak some fun video of Eko “sleepwalking.”  Sometimes I can only wonder what Eko is dreaming about, but other times his sleepwalking gives me a pretty good idea.  Check it out!


24 thoughts on “[VIDEO] What Do Dogs Dream About?”

  1. I could watch that all day. I love your videos will, your editing and narration always tells a great story. But of course you’re working with a star 😉 Eko looks like one of those muscle guys who can twitch his pecs……hehe.

  2. Very cute. Does he ever make noises when sleeping (well other than snoring)? Tala makes all sorts of strange whimpers and barks completely different from any sounds she makes when she is awake so who know what she is dreaming about!


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