How Far Has Your Dog Walked You?

The other day I attempted to work out in my apartment.  Emphasis on the word “attempted.”  For some reason Eko was obsessed with the work-out mat and decided to join in.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet adventure

Staying out of the way as usual

I have two mats, so it got to the point where I had to unroll the other one so Eko could have his own.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet blog

Workout partners

While Eko wasn’t exactly the most helpful workout buddy in this particular circumstance, his presence did get me thinking about how much he has helped me stay active with our daily walks.  Walking is a dying art form for most, but for those of us with dogs it is a daily routine, whether we are in the mood or not!

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Blizzard?  That’s nice, your dog still needs a walk

Even by my most conservative estimates, Eko and I have walked well over 500 miles together – and that’s not counting hikes or runs even.  That adds up to countless sights seen, people met and most importantly, time that otherwise would have been spent in a chair.  There are plenty of times I don’t feel like heading out for a walk, but I am very grateful that Eko gives me no choice.  What’s best for him is also what’s best for me.

pet blog, dog adventure

And without our walks, I would miss out on views like these

And then that got me thinking, Eko is only two years old and he is my first dog on my own.  That means that some of you likely have walked thousands or even tens of thousands of miles with a dog by your side!  Knowing that, I will never look at my morning walk the same again.  It’s pretty impressive how it all adds up.

So take a guess, how far do you think you have walked with your dogs?

33 thoughts on “How Far Has Your Dog Walked You?”

  1. Mum does fitness classes (rumba, bootcamp and t-rex), however she has just taken to walking our neighbours dogs at lunchtime as she says the thighs are not losing inches LOL 🙂 We do love the first photo

  2. Wow! That’s a great question! I think Taylor has logged almost 400 miles since we adopted her almost two years ago…holy moly! You know, I never realized how just how awesome my walks with Taylor are until I started working out of the home again; she is more of a late morning, early afternoon kind of a girl (after a night of partyin’ with my work-at-night hubby), so now he has the opportunity to walk her now…I’m so bummed! 🙁 At least I have the weekends!

  3. Thank goodness for our dogs! In addition to my yoga and pilates, Sage has me out every day for at least 2 miles a day. Is there time for anything else????


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