What Motivates Your Pet?

Like people, pets have a number of different motivations for their behavior.

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Unlike people, getting rich is not a motivation for pet behavior

Even among the three dogs in my own family, each one is uniquely motivated.

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My mom’s dog, Scout, is a love-junkie.  Sure, food and toys are great, but the best training tool with Scout has always been praise and affection.  She will go to the ends of the earth if she knows there is a long belly rub involved

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My brother’s dog, Dutch, is motivated by what I call “object obsession.”  Dutch is so fixated on his favorite ball that he will ignore treats, praise and  pretty much anything else while the ball is out.   Even at the dog park, Dutch is entirely uninterested it playing with other dogs, he just wants to play fetch.  At home, in lieu of a ball, Dutch carries around a bone like a Winston Churchill cigar and takes it with him wherever he goes.

And of course, Eko’s motivation in life can be summed up in a single word:

Rhodesian Ridgeback, dog blog Hungry?  Always.

Based on the past two years, I can reasonably conclude that Eko’s stomach is actually a black hole.  And I’m quite convinced that if robbers brought some treats with them to my apartment, Eko would help them carry out the couches.

Is your pet primarily motivated by food, affection, objects or something else?  I am very interested to hear what other types of pet motivation are out there, so let me know!

27 thoughts on “What Motivates Your Pet?”

  1. Ridgeback motivation Hmm let me see.
    Akeems motivation is to see if how long he can get to spend on the inside lounge before getting kicked off that goes for the kids beds all the kids have double beds and we have a king his motivation stems from the fact that he can stretch out fully on the beds and the lounge and snuggle in ( our room ) bed is on the floor but he will try he may make it up for 20 seconds then gets told off and reluctantly gets off. Food if its there he may eat it but will only eat half his dinner then about an hour later finish it. We bought him some Rope toys really loves them OOPS forgot he loves Natural dried Duck treats or any treat but the duck ones he loves now for a dog that was never taught to sit or shake he does just that for his breakfast and dinner you can walk up take his bowl away and it doesn’t even phase him one little bit. If you give him a treat he takes it so gently you can hardly feel him take hold of it. Love my Ridgie to death

  2. There are three things that really motivate Chancy. When I move he moves he follows me every step I take. He gets motivated by the word “cookie” and he loves his tummy rubbed. Loved all these pictures and this was a very interesting post. Hugs and nose kisses


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