Happy Birthday To The Treat Fairy!

Today is my sister Helen’s birthday.  She is better known around these parts at the Treat Fairy.  Helen lived with Eko and I for a month and spoiled that little knucklehead rotten.

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Helen was an easy mark for Eko.  He knew that he could get treats from her without doing all the work I usually make him do to earn them

In honor of Helen’s birthday I thought I should share one of her favorite Eko related stories.

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It all started when Eko hurt his paw and had to go to the vet

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At the vet we steered clear of this bird and found out that Eko had broken a toe

One of the medications Eko needed was filled by the vet, but the other had to be filled at a nearby Walgreens.  The following is a transcript of the conversation I had with the pharmacist.  (Important note: at no point in this conversation was I trying to make a joke.)

Him: Hi, what’s the patient’s name?

Me: (handing him prescriptions) Umm… Will?

Him: Oh, these are from the vet.  Wait, you named your dog Will?

Me: No, no. I’m Will.  My dog’s name is Eko.

Him: Got it.  Has the patient ever been here before?

Me: Dogs are allowed inside Walgreens?

Him: ….no. I mean have you ever filled a prescription for him here?

Me: Oh, sorry.  No I have not.

Him: Ok, last thing, I need a phone number for the patient.

Me: (after a very long pause) …are you asking me for my dog’s phone number?

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“And how do you expect me to use this without any thumbs?”

The whole scene played like a scene right out of Saturday Night Live and Helen loves to tease me for thinking that the pharmacist actually thought Eko had his own phone number.  I’m not the most clever man, but luckily I have Eko around most of the time to provide some adult supervision.

Happy birthday Helen – I will be sure to give Eko an extra treat for you!

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