Pet Role Reversal Day

Did you know that today is Pet Role Reversal Day?  Or at least at my apartment it is.  364 days a year I get to watch Eko run around and jump through hoops at the agility course, but on Tax Day I am the one running around the apartment for different papers and jumping through tax return hoops.  I’m not even smart enough to understand most of the questions they’re asking me – “Did you eat any ham sandwiches between May-October when there was a full moon?”  Luckily I have employed the best accounting firm in the business.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, dog blog

Eko and Associates:  Doggone best accountants™

It’s no secret that Eko is smarter than I am, but if you still think it would be unwise to leave matters of accountancy to a dog, I will appeal to the insight of Phil Pastoret – “If you think dogs can’t count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then give him only two of them.”

Rhodesian Ridgeback. dog adventure

Balance treats or balance sheets, Eko does it all!

On the off chance I get audited, I hope Eko’s puppy-dog-eyes look can get us out of trouble.  It always works on me, so I’m sure the same will be true for the IRS agent.

dog blog, dog adventure

We’re going to roll the dice and not include Eko’s back-alley gambling profits on my return

Time to get back to it – good luck to all my fellow filers!  And yes, I could have filed my taxes earlier, but where’s the adventure in that!?

18 thoughts on “Pet Role Reversal Day”

  1. The photos are hilarious; Eko is such a good sport! I found that the best way to do taxes is never think about that, and that do it all in a mad rush a couple of days before they’re due. That way, you minimise the pain! (this sort of logic may be why I’m not a millionaire yet…but hey, who needs a million bucks when you got dogs as cute as Eko in the world?)

  2. Snicker……how do you get Eko to play with you Will, that photo is a riot with the glasses. Our Buddy would have gobbled those treats before you were even looking thru the lens of your camera, Eko you are a Wonder Dog and an Doggone great accountant. Well good luck. We did ours a while back, I didn’t get anything back…then again, I didn’t pay any taxes either LOL

  3. Will when will Eko be free ?
    We need a great accountant ! One that truly understands what dogs eat, spend, try to write off as a business expense (I don’t think a day at the Doggie Spa is one ?) I need one that can keep my Buddy’s Kibbles and Bits and Begging Strips all accounted for and be able to write them off .
    I truly think we pet owners should be able to write our pets off, as they are not really our pets ! They our part of our family !
    When Eko gets some time after doing yours, we could sure use him to do ours !


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