What’s In A Pet Name?

A recent article in the New York Times delves deep into the efforts that go into naming a dog.  The article covers everything from general common sense, keep the name relatively short, to the more exact, use specific letters like “s” and “k” in a name to better get your dogs attention.  I can’t say I agree with everything in the article, but it was interesting to read about all the different ways people come up with pet names.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

And of course, regardless of what name you pick, you have to take your pet to Pride Rock for the naming ceremony

Our first family dog, Indy, was formally known as Indiana Bones per a brilliant suggestion from my dad.  My mom’s dog Scout is named after her favorite character from To Kill A Mockingbird. As you may or may not know, Eko’s name was preordained long before I got him.  I always said that I would name my first dog Mr. Eko after my favorite character from the show LOST. The character was loyal, tough and adventurous.  I have always loved the name, but I have to admit it took Eko a while to grow into it.

Rhodesian RIdgeback

Eko looking real adventurous and tough his first week home!  If you picked him up he would be asleep within about thirty seconds

Big Baby

During his gangly “teenage” phase, Eko didn’t exactly have the look of a seasoned adventurer

Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet adventure

Now I couldn’t imagine Eko with any other name

All this is just my very long way of asking how you named your pet.  I get a kick of hearing all the unique stories about how people came to a name, so be sure to let me know!

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  1. Chopper came to us with his name. At first I wasn’t crazy about it but it suits him. He gets super excited when my husband rides his motorcycle barking, jumping and eventually chasing it. Maybe that’s how he got his name.

    When I was 10 we adopted littermates. My dog was an all white Eng. Springer with the cutiest little brown “bow” on his behind. He was the biggest dog in the litter so the breeder called him Moose. So he became Beauregard Muus or Beau. His brother was a very speckled Springer that my dad decided made him Irish so he became Brandy O’Rien.

    Thanks for posting this Will I really enjoyed all the stories!

    • I really like the name Chopper – it has a great “cutting” type sound to my ear. The connection to your husband’s bike makes it even cooler! I am also a big fan of the refined name Beauregard Muus.

  2. I don’t know why, but Jerry plays a key role in naming our dachshunds. Our first one we named Mamiya, after Jerry’s medium format camera. Arri, is named after his tungsten lighting equipment. Arri is a German company, but she doesn’t seem to mind. Ha!

  3. When we adopted our boy, we debated a few names, but Calvin is the one we all agreed on. Unfortunately, his first six months with us he was plagued with skin trouble that started in his ear, then progressed to his whole body, resulting in huge hair loss. It was misdiagnosed for months, but our new vet diagnosed it, and he’s wonderfully healthy now. Ironically, it turns out Calvin means “little bald one.” Poor buddy.

  4. Cute photo’s Will and Eko! My first dog was named after our favourite ski local ‘Jasper’, our next dog was 7 when we adopted him and ‘Buddy’ was already named. ‘Ginger’ a cat was named after Ginger on Gilligan’s Island and she was (you guessed it) orange. Petals and Blossum were also rescue cats and named before we adopted them but since I love gardening that worked out really well.

  5. That middle picture is so sweet. Eko has turned into a very handsome dog. Charlie and Hannah were named very randomly. Charlie, because I thought he ‘looked’ like a Charlie. Hannah, because I like Middle-Eastern sounding names. I’ve realised afterwards that Charlie and Hannah are very common names for dogs, but I can’t imagine them as anything else now 🙂


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