Eko And Friends

It’s no secret that Eko makes an outstanding friend.

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Eko has small friends

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Big friends

Rhodesian Ridgebacks playing

And friends that are exactly the same size

Rhodesian Ridgeback Eko also has plenty of human friends he likes to hang out with

Rhodesian Ridgeback adventure

And he even has a few cross-species friends that he likes to visit on occasion

Eko has made a lot of friends, but there will always be new friends to meet.  And this week Eko will be meeting a new type of friend for the first time.  I for one am extremely interested to see how Eko reacts when he meets someone who is even more of a baby than he is!

Time for us to get the place ready – check back tomorrow to meet Eko’s new friend!

15 thoughts on “Eko And Friends”

  1. I cannot wait to find out who Eko’s new friend will be! New friends are about the most exciting kind. Except for old friends. And kind of new friends. And friends you haven’t seen in a long time. Well, I guess all friends are exciting really 🙂

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